Calm Your Skin with SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Masque!

By Lisa DeStefano
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sc phyto masqueThe staff at Dr.Rudderman’s office loves SkinCeuticals products, and we are always excited when there is a new product.  The new phyto corrective masque is our new favorite post-procedure product.  This mask can be applied in the office and in the convenience of your own home.

What does the phyto corrective masque do?

The phyto corrective masque neutralizes temporary skin reactivity by immediately defusing sensitivity from external triggers, while revitalizing and comforting skin.  Pure botanicals including cucumber, thyme, and olive deliver cooling comfort to soothe heat sensitivity.  Hyaluronic acid (a skincare must) restores hydration to the skin.  After using the masque, the skin is more radiant and smooth.

When can I use the masque?

This versatile calming masque can be used as desired. Patients love the masque for post microneedling and laser treatments because of its ability to calm redness.  Patients who have rosacea or worry about redness in their complexion love to use the masque daily.

Our jet setting patients chose this product as their go-to skin savior. Long flights deplete the skin of moisture, and this masque can be applied after a flight.

Whether you are an avid skier or a beach enthusiast, this masque helps calm your skin.

Are there long-term benefits?

Yes. Not only do patients see immediate results, but their skin continues to improve in four weeks. Skin is more supple, radiant, and smooth.

Want to learn more about this masque and other great products? Please join us at our SkinCeuticals Mimosas and Masks event on Wednesday, August 24th at 12pm. Complimentary masques and 20% of all SkinCeuticals products.

Call our medical spa reserve your spot while we still have availability.

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