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Our Favorite Things

2015And these are a few of our favorite things…

Another year has passed, and we would like to reflect on our favorite products of the year. Every member of Dr. Rudderman’s staff has a favorite product or service. Quite frankly, it was hard to narrow it down to just one.

Lisa V. favors the Venus Legacy treatments for the neck.  She says,” It’s absolutely magical,” as she flashes her million dollar grin and giggles.  Venus Legacy treatments are a noninvasive way to tighten the skin on the neck.  Venus treatments are also effective for the face and body and are relatively painless.

Jessi adores the Jane Iredale lash extender and conditioner. It will strengthen, lengthen, and condition your lashes before mascara application. One look at her luxurious lashes and you know this product is a winner. She says, ” I love this product. It is effective and affordable.”

Anna is a fan of Skinmedica’s TNS Essential Serum and 02 therapy.  (Even though I told her to pick one, but she insisted on two).  Anna says,”If you want to feel pampered and look fabulous then this is it.” “The TNS Essential Serum will make you look 10 years younger!”

Just like Anna, Tonya loves Skinmedica’s  TNS Essential Serum.  Tonya exclaims, “TNS Essential Serum is magic in a bottle!” Tonya recommends this revolutionary product to all her patients.  This product reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles and improves skin’s tone and texture.

Dr. Rudderman’s favorite spa treatment is microdermabrasion with 02 therapy.  He always recommends this treatment to his patients.

Lastly, I will tell you about my favorite product.  I love Intellishade Original by Revision Skincare! It’s my go-to product every day.  It’s lightweight, hydrating, and provides wonderful sun protection. Intellishade matches my skin perfectly.  When I want more coverage, I apply Jane Iredale pressed powder on top.

Come in today, and find your favorite thing!

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