Breast Augmentation Surgery

In this video, D’lynne shares her life-changing experience with breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Rudderman and his team. Having been self-conscious about her chest size since childhood and battling the emotional impact of bullying, D’lynne never thought she’d consider breast implant surgery. However, after thorough research and a heartfelt conversation with Dr. Rudderman, she found the courage to take control and pursue this personal goal.

Tubular Breast Correction Surgery

In this video, Lauren provides a very personal account of her struggles with tubular breasts. She talks about growing up with abnormal breasts, researching her condition, and searching for an experienced plastic surgeon to perform corrective surgery. Lauren also walks through her experience and feelings before and after surgery.

Capsulectomy Surgery

In this video, Elissa talks about her surgery for implant removal, capsulectomy, and a breast lift. She originally came to Dr. Rudderman for an implant removal, but later discovered she had to have a capsulectomy performed.

Atlanta Woman Shares Decision To Remove Her Breast Implants

Media from Fox 5 in Atlanta.