Liposuction is designed to improve the shape and contour of defined body areas. The goal is to reduce an area like the abs, buttocks, thighs or waistline to create a smoother, more pleasing contour and balanced appearance. Liposuction is not for weight loss but for those areas that just don’t seem to change with diet and exercise.

In today’s society, the visual sign of excellent health is a well-balanced, sculpted body form with gentle contours and no protruding bulges. We all want to look and feel better. Liposuction can help achieve the shape and appearance we desire.

Liposuction works best for contouring, and results are immediately visible, but go on to improve in weeks to months. Patients can return to work in 2-3 days and exercise in 2-3 weeks, including swimming, tennis, boot camp, yoga, and full workouts.

Liposuction History

Liposuction was introduced by French surgeon Dr. Yves-Gerard Illouz (1980’s), to improve the body contours of fashion models. The solution injection technique evolved out of this and has remained the most used technique to date. In the 1990s, Ultrasonic liposuction was developed in Europe and quickly adopted in the United States as a more advanced technique of tissue removal with less trauma and potentially better skin shrinkage.

Additional procedures have been introduced by manufacturers who tout them as the “latest and greatest” options with the ability to “melt away” fat and much more. All of these devices still require the use of tissue removal by a cannula system. Some techniques are more aggressive and put patients at risk for extensive asymmetry and contour changes that can be very difficult to correct. Dr. Rudderman is aware of these techniques and chooses to offer his patients only the safest, most reliable treatment options.

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Why Opt for Liposuction

While some clothing styles help to reduce otherwise visible bulges, other clothing accentuates these areas. Many people diligently strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition, proper hydration, and the right workout program.

In spite of it all, we all too often discover those unwelcome stubborn areas that simply do not respond to even the most diligent diet and exercise. Often, people today develop these areas during puberty or in their early 20’s. Pregnancy causes massive hormonal shifts resulting in fatty tissue deposits that weren’t there before pregnancy. Aging is normal and programmed to produce unwanted changes that occur over a short 1-2 years.

Many of my clients are athletes whose careers include being personal trainers, Olympic Athletes, marathon runners, and triathletes. They maintain very stable weight but they too seek my advice about liposuction treatments. I commonly see clients who say: “My weight hasn’t really changed in years, but I simply can’t wear the clothes I wore several years ago because my shape has changed.”

Often, Liposuction is the right answer to these body challenges and many of these people could be excellent candidates for Liposuction.

Benefits of Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction can treat the following areas:

  • Abdomen – Smooth and flatten areas from the ribs to the pubis
  • Hip – Change the shape from a bulge to a gentle curve
  • Thigh – Reduce, reshape and dramatically change front, inner and saddlebags
  • Buttock Crease – Restore and create a pleasing fold and reshape your bottom
  • Back – Eliminates or reduces “tissue rolls” on the bra strap area and breast roll for women
  • Arms – Reduce the volume of fat in loose, hanging skin of upper arms
  • Armpit – Reduces and tightens tissues of front and back folds, particularly the areas exposed with along the front of the armpit above breast that almost never respond to weight loss
  • Knees – Reduces inner knees, improves the shape, restores a youthful look
  • Pubis – Reduces annoying bulge…makes clothing look good again!
  • Face and Neck – Correct areas of mild laxity and excess volume

Liposuction can also assist in addressing:

  • Previous treatments – Correct irregularities and get pleasing results
  • Weight change – Restore a more youthful shape
  • Genetics – Reshape, sculpt, balance and create the body of your dreams!
  • Age – Restore youthfulness to an aging body

Good Candidates for Liposuction

Do you have one or more of the following concerns?

  • Small, moderate or larger fat deposits and loose skin that resists diet and exercise
  • Problem areas of the lateral thighs and buttock crease, hips and belly
  • Stable current weight
  • Difficulty in contour change in spite of exercise and diet
  • Genetic areas that never seem to go away

Patients that come in for liposuction often have been struggling to improve their contour. Some patients, both women and med, may seek liposuction when they are at ideal weight and health. While your friends may not understand, some of the fittest clients who may be personal trainers, athletes, yoga instructors, will decide to undergo liposuction to finally improve the areas that simply resist diet and exercise. These clients know that further weight loss is nor in their best health and a simple safe option for treatment can result in the shape and appearance they have worked so hard to achieve, and deserve.

The Liposuction Procedure

After you are sedated with local anesthesia and IV sedation or general anesthesia, Dr. Rudderman will draw the treatment areas on your body and have you identify them before surgery begins. After the small incisions are made, he works through them to remove excess fatty tissue and sculpt those target areas. Saline solution with numbing agents is injected and a small cannula is inserted for tissue removal. The use of “small” instruments, his skill, experience and a keen artistic eye, allows for gentler, more precise sculpting to achieve the desired contours with a smoother, more predictable outcome.

Many physicians can “technically” perform liposuction. But patients have found that only those surgeons with extensive experience, skill, and a keen sense of artistic proportion, balance and beauty consistently achieve the best results.

Your Liposuction Consultation

Dr. Rudderman believes the consultation time is critical for you and him. During your personal consultation, he will listen carefully to your concerns and goals, do a thorough evaluation of your health, activities, general lifestyle, family history and more, and then determines what treatment is best suited to your individual needs and goals.

He and our staff will educate you on your options, the likely outcomes, and risk factors. All of your questions will be answered. All this is done in an embracing, relaxing environment. The consultation will result in a sense of trust, respect, mutual understanding, and a personalized treatment plan.

Contact us at 678.566.7200 to meet with Dr. Rudderman in our Alpharetta or Midtown Atlanta offices.

Real Patient Reviews

They took my concerns very seriously. They went out of their way to help get me the paperwork needed to file an insurance claim. They were always friendly and patient.
Breast explant well and I have full sensation! I look exactly as had hoped for. Also had liposuction under arms, mini tummy tuck and liposuction of thighs. Very pleased with all procedures and the professionalism of everyone in the practice. Dr. Rudderman is very kind and listened to my every concern. Never promised me perfection but improved my previously botched body to something I can feel proud of.

Written and reviewed by:

This article was written by Dr. Randy Rudderman, who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (1994). He practices medicine at his offices in Alpharetta and Atlanta.
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Post Surgery Activity

  1. You will wake up with a compression garment over the treated areas – the garment helps reduce/control swelling & compresses skin to the new contoured areas
  2. Swelling, bruising & some discomfort is normal & to be expected – this resolves on its own
  3. Dr. Rudderman will see you 48 hours post surgery
  4. Swelling generally is mild and resolves in 1-2 weeks
  5. Sutures are removed in 7 to 10 days
  6. Most patients who have surgery on Thursday can return to desk work Monday
  7. Avoid strenuous activity for at least 3 weeks. Dr. Rudderman will tell you when you can start to exercise again
  8. Measurable results are typically visible in 2 week, but be patien, healing and stabilizing takes time. It can take months for the “new you” to be clearly seen.

Maintaining your weight is an essential part of achieving a great long term result. It is important to understand that if you gain a significant amount of weight in the future, the weight and fat will be distributed in the areas of your body where fat cells reside. Aging effects changes in body contour and stable weight. Therefore, it is important for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to enjoy pleasing, long-lasting results.

Liposuction Frequently Asked Questions

Search our list of FAQs for the answers you are looking for.

Yes. Financing is available today for all the breast procedures Dr. Rudderman performs. Please check in our business office for information about it.

Yes. All cases are supervised a Board Certified medical doctor who has specialized in anesthesiology.

Yes, he performs all of his patient’s surgeries from the first incision to the final closure. Many, if not most, surgeons today use others to assist. Dr. Rudderman believes that you are expecting uncompromised safety and skill. He understands you have placed your trust and confidence in him…not someone else.

All of our surgeries are performed in a fully accredited surgery facility using state of the art technologies and a world-class staff

Maintain your weight for 2-3 weeks to help your body heal the best. Develop an exercise program and lifestyle that can be continued reasonably following surgery to help protect the improvements you achieve with surgery.

Liposuction cannot prevent aging. If you maintain your weight and exercise, the results will last the longest. However as you age, you may gradually see fatty deposits in places that previously were not problematic.

All surgeries involve some discomfort. Dr. Rudderman is highly skilled and uses advanced techniques and refined instruments that minimize discomfort during and after his surgical procedures.

You will need to avoid sexual activity and all rigorous, strenuous activities for 7 – 10 days until healing is complete and Dr. Rudderman tells you it’s ok. This will vary based upon the procedure/or combination of procedures you required.

Dr. Rudderman will be able to tell you. This depends upon the extent of correction needed and how you responded to it. Generally you can return to a desk job in 4-5 days.

Sutures will be very small and are removed in 1 week. You will need to wear a garment for generally 3 weeks.

You will need someone to drive you to your surgery, stay there and then drive you home and stay with you overnight. Dr. Rudderman will advise you based on what you had done and especially if you have small children. Your follow-up visit will usually be within 48 hours, and you will need to have someone drive you to this appointment.

All of our surgeries are performed in a fully accredited surgery facility using state of the art technologies and a world-class staff.

Yes. All cases are supervised a Board Certified medical doctor who has specialized in anesthesiology.

Generally 1-3 hours.

Liposuction is considered to be cosmetic and generally not covered by insurance. There may be exceptions so you should check directly with your provider for this answer.