Latisse® Eyelash Treatment in Atlanta

You may have inherited genes that determined what kind of eyelashes you’ve got, or lifestyle may have contributed to your now thinning eyelashes. Nearly everyone wants glamorous eyes with full, lush eyelashes. It’s often said that the eyes are the window of the soul and they communicate our emotions and…our age. Every single year millions of dollars are spent on mascaras, eyelash curlers and false eyelashes to make us look younger with longer, fuller lashes.

With Latisse you can grow more of your own lashes and actually double their fullness in only 16 weeks.

Benefits of Latisse®

  • Latisse is a once a day topical treatments you do yourself
  • Latisse helps to grow lashes…thicker, longer, darker
  • Latisse does not replace mascara…it complements it
  • Latisse corrects hypotrichosis (not having enough lashes)
  • Latisse is seen on TV, in Beauty magazines, & in our office!

We’ve learned from Hollywood celebrities how to reverse age related conditions…by starting early & maintaining, you can always look years younger than you really are.

Good Candidates for Latisse®

Hypotrichosis is the condition of not having enough lashes. You can be born with genes that cause thinning of lashes as you age, or other conditions may contribute to Hypotrichosis. If you have this problem and want to correct it so you can have thicker, longer and darker lashes that are your own, and you are in otherwise good health…you could be an ideal candidate for Latisse Eyelash treatments. Dr. Rudderman can determine this during your consultation.