The age reversing the power of today’s lasers is often compared to “magic wands” in the world of beauty…the age defying power is undeniable!

Genetics & Lifestyle

As technology continues to improve at the speed of light, it becomes crystal clear that lasers are here to stay…and are becoming the treatment of choice for many of today’s cosmetic and clinical treatments. Our genes define who we are, how we will age and at what pace visible signs of aging will appear.

Often, we look into the mirror and see those parental resemblances, especially as we move through life into the senior years. Lifestyle, how we’ve chosen to eat, exercise or not, the mount of sun exposure we’ve had, unexpected trauma and disease, pregnancy and childbirth, hormonal changes and more, all factor into how we age.

Many people look into the mirror one day and decide it’s time for change…they know age defying procedures are out there and they want them. Dr. Rudderman’s medical spas offers only the safest, most reliable options available today.

Lasers play a major role in cosmetic and rehabilitation procedures today. They have truly age reversing and healing powers…As you will see in the following options for laser treatments.

How Men & Women Benefit from Laser Treatment

Dr. Rudderman uses the Syneron® laser with elos™ technology. It is one of the most advanced, safest, most effective lasers available today and below are shown just a few of it’s many uses:

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  • Lasers are used for hair removal & permanent reduction in hair growth (arms, legs, chest etc. with less pain
  • Lasers are used for skin tightening & resurfacing

With little to no downtime, no damage to other skin

  • Lasers reduce, eliminate dark pigmented sun damage spots & rosacea, acne scarring etc.
  • Lasers help stimulate renewed collagen production
  • Lasers correct saggy & wrinkled skin (skin tightening)
  • Laser treatments are done in office with no downtime
  • Lasers treatments are done in a series to effect good results
  • Dr. Rudderman’s laser treatments rejuvenate aging, damaged skin to a more youthful, healthy appearance & condition

Available Laser Treatments at Our Med Spas