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Non-Surgical Facelifts and Butt Lifts with Sculptra Aesthetic

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Sculptra Aesthetic has become a very popular option for delivering non-surgical facelifts and butt lifts. Patients love the long-lasting results this injectable offers and they love how it subtly improves their appearance over time. Let’s dig into what makes this product so popular. The Importance of Collagen A youthful complexion owes much of its smooth […]

Facial Injectibles Q&A on Hyaluronic Acid & Poly-L-Lactic Fillers

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If you are interested in facial injectibles but don’t know a lot about fillers, we have a great set of Q&As to help breakdown the important details for you. In this list, we cover all the important questions and answers for Hyaluronic Acid and Poly-L-Lactic facial fillers. Top 13: Injectible Q&A’s What filler is best […]

Identifying and Correcting Tubular Breast Disorder

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Puberty is a challenging time for adolescents as their bodies change dramatically within a few short years. But it’s also when some young women might notice that their breasts aren’t developing into the same shape as their peers. Tubular breasts or tubular breast disorder (TBD) is a condition defined by abnormal and typically asymmetric (uneven) […]

The Difference Between a Medical Spa and a Day Spa

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Many of our patients ask us what the difference is between a Day Spa and a Medical Spa. At first glance, they may seem similar, especially if the menu of services appears similar. However, there is a very important difference between a Day Spa and a full-service Medical Spa. Let’s review what a Medical Spa […]

We Have Reopened the Office for Surgery, Injectables, and Spa Treatments

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I’m very pleased to announce we have reopened our office, we are seeing patients, and you can now schedule appointments. Our office is COVID-19 compliant using best practices as defined by: CDC Northside Hospital American College of Surgeons American Society of Plastic Surgeons Daily measures are being taken by our office to assure the safety […]

Office Re-Opening on May 11th

We are so excited to announce the reopening of Dr. Rudderman Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa on Monday, May 11th! During this time away, we have missed our wonderful patients.  We look forward to providing you with excellent care and amazing results. However, as we adjust to a new normal, we all must follow strict […]

COVID-19 Update for April

Hello Fantastic Patients! We understand that our Governor is allowing some businesses to re-open as early as this Friday, April 24th. Our priority in our practice is the health and safety of our team, patients, and community. Of course, we are anxious to get back to work. We have chosen, however, to proceed with caution. […]

COVID-19 Update for March

Our hearts go out to families who have been impacted by the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Our office stands for professionalism, optimism, and confidence. We want to let you know how much we care about you – our patients, our team, the staff at Northside Hospital and our friends who make up our vibrant community. […]

Dermabrasion vs Microdermabrasion

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Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion are two treatments used to address fine lines, sun damage, and scarring. These procedures exfoliating surface layers of the skin and remove imperfections caused by aging and the sum. Both are effective treatments, however, they are very different in the techniques used. Dermabrasion is far more invasive and it requires significantly longer […]

Understanding the Different Types of Liposuction

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Although diet and exercise are the best way to get rid of stubborn body fat, these are not always entirely effective. Some areas of fat are likely to be resistant to natural options and thus can give an unbalanced, lumpy appearance. These are exactly the problems that liposuction is meant to solve. There are several […]

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