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Patient Case #4750

In these before and after pictures you see major improvements to sun damage and cherry anginomas over a period of 8 weeks. The procedures were done by Tonya using IPL Photofacial and Veinwave technology at our Alpharetta location.

The first picture is before treatment.

The second picture shows the chest treated for sun damage 4 weeks after IPL Photofacial. This IPL treatment targeted pigment, sun damage, improved skin clarity and fine lines/wrinkles.

The third picture shows the chest treated for sun damage and cherry anginomas. The cherry anginomas were specifically treated using Veinwave. This after picture was taken 8 weeks after IPL and 4 weeks after Vienwave.


Individual Results May Vary.

Additional Details

Gender: Female

Age: 56 – 65

Procedure: IPL Photofacial
Location: Alpharetta

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