Skin tightening is a favorite treatment for men & women of all ages & stages. Our laser treatments correct sagging skin without surgery.

Laser Treatments Genetics & Lifestyle

As technology continues to improve at the speed of light, it becomes crystal clear that lasers are here to stay…and are becoming the treatment of choice for many of today’s cosmetic and clinical treatments. Our genes define who we are, how we will age and at what pace visible signs of aging will appear. Often, we look into the mirror and see those parental resemblances, especially as we move through life into the senior years. Lifestyle, how we’ve chosen to eat, exercise or not, the mount of sun exposure we’ve had, unexpected trauma and disease, pregnancy and childbirth, hormonal changes and more, all factor into how we age. Many people look into the mirror one day and decide it’s time for change…they know age defying procedures are out there and they want them. Dr. Rudderman offers only the safest, most reliable options available today.

When considering any laser treatment, you should choose a surgeon who is well trained, qualified & has laser “expertise.” Dr. Rudderman has performed many hundreds of laser procedures & he performs them regularly.

Skin Tightening Laser Technology in Atlanta

We’re proud to offer ReFirme™ ST with elos™ laser technology. elos™ is the first and only laser technology that combines light and radio frequency. ReFirme™ST laser technology with elos™ combines safe and effective levels of infrared light and bipolar radiofrequency energies to remodel the dermal layer of the skin through collagen regeneration.

Good Candidates for Refirme™ ST Skin Tightening

  • People with skin laxity in the face & neck
  • People who desire a more youthful, tightened, uplifted look
  • Must be in good general health
  • Strong desire to restore youthfulness to the face & neck

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