Choosing a plastic surgeon that you can trust with excellent credentials and experience is the essential first step in achieving your plastic surgical goals.

Dr. Rudderman is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and is a member of both the American Society of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a group of board certified surgeons that selects and admits surgeons based on their skills, reputation for excellence, and integrity in their respective communities.

Dr. Rudderman’s experience with groundbreaking initiatives in the scientific, biomechanical and technical aspects of Plastic Surgery gives him a unique foundation of understanding and experience available to few surgeons in any field.

His work with pioneering teams in the field of reconstructive surgery has resulted in fundamental shifts in understanding the behavior of the human facial form and approaches to treatment that have positively impacted thousands of people worldwide.

Dr. Rudderman offers a unique approach to the delivery of plastic surgery by incorporating effective and predictable surgical techniques that are directed with uncompromising respect for the natural condition of the human form, with the understanding that everybody changes with time, as do desires.

How we view our bodies is a reflection of how we see ourselves in our place in society. All of us have our own sense of fashion, whether in line with the trends of the day, or directed toward our own individual vision. The best plastic surgery results must give each individual the opportunity to adapt and feel comfortable as their body form changes, whether due to normal effects of aging, changes due to individual initiatives related to diet and exercise, or other dramatic experiences such as pregnancy. There may be decisions that you made at an earlier age that no longer are in line with you vision of yourself. When faced with a surgical outcome that no longer is fulfilling, it becomes even more essential to direct attention to the details of your condition and options for procedures should be carefully explored, understood, and executed.

Dr. Rudderman’s believes the art of plastic surgery should involve an integrated approach that incorporates a healthy attitude as well as a healthy body. Patients that have unstable medical conditions are consulted and advised regarding the need for general health balance before and following surgery. He believes as well that the environment in which you seek treatment, and continue your follow-up should not be in conflict with your desires for a healthy healing process and outcome.

Keeping with this philosophy, he orchestrated the construction and development of office space that became the first LEED Silver Certified facility of its kind in a commercial non-LEED building in the country. (see LEED Certification, USGBC.com). By following these guidelines, and using construction methods that often exceeded the National standards, he was able to create an environment nearly free of ambient toxins, from the paint on the walls, to the sealants and materials for the floors, and ceilings.

This allows you the opportunity to have your evaluations and follow-up meetings conducted in beautiful, and peaceful surroundings where the air you breathe and your surroundings promote health and healing.

  • Dr. Rudderman and his staff made the experience easy and comfortable. They were realistic communicating surgery expectations, expected pain levels and down time from work. Nurses were informative and friendly and wait times minimal. I also liked the fact that Dr. Rudderman does all his own work and doesn't let other less experienced people do parts of the surgery the way other doctors may. I'm only one week out of the surgery, but I am very satisfied with the results so far.

    Susan Parker | Atlanta, GA


Dr. Rudderman’s unique, integrated approach to plastic surgery employs only safe, effective, predictable surgical techniques that are driven by uncompromising respect for the natural condition of the human form. He understands that the body changes with time – as do desires. His primary goal is to deliver the best possible plastic surgery … specifically matched to each patient…in a safe environment with ultimate respect for every single individual…their concerns and goals. LEARN MORE »

“The best plastic surgery results must give each individual the opportunity to feel comfortable now and in the future…”

Dr. Randy Rudderman

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