Should I Consider Surgery?

Genetics and Lifestyle

The areola is the colored (pigmented) area around the nipple. This area is rarely totally symmetric and most people are aware that the areola changes with different stimuli changing shape and size. Some men and women become concerned that the areola size is not in proportion to their breast, chest wall, or body shape and desire a change in shape and size. While most people today are aware of Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift procedures to change the size, shape, contour, and position of the breast, but many do not know about Areolar surgery to change the size and shape of the Areola in a safe and predictable manner. The Areolar can change due to genetics, lifestyle, breastfeeding, weight shifts, and normal aging. Nipple and Areolar reduction surgery are very common today as women are more health and body-conscious. Dr. Rudderman uses only the safest and most reliable techniques to achieve truly natural-looking results.

Benefits of Areolar Reduction Surgery

  • The surgery reduces the Areola size to balance it with the breast
  • Areolar surgery improves symmetry of the Nipple/Areolar area
  • The surgery reduces Areola puffiness (Areolar Herniation)
  • The surgery removes prominent bumps (Montgomery tubercles) often caused by Nipple stimulation
  • Areolar reduction surgery can mimic the effect of a slight Breast Lift
  • The surgery results in a more youthful-looking breast

Many women find that Areolar surgery restores the younger-looking breast they had before pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Dr.Rudderman’s delicate techniques during surgery and special techniques following Areolar surgery, during the healing phase, achieve great healing results rarely requiring scar revisions.

Dr. Rudderman is one of Atlanta’s surgeons of choice. He is specialized in many complicated problems of the breast & he employs delicate, advanced techniques to achieve the most natural-looking results possible.

Good Candidates for Surgery

Do you have any of the following concerns?

  • Overly large Areolae
  • Undesirable shape changes occurred after pregnancy
  • Your Areolae are too large for your breast size
  • Breasts and Areolae have changed in shape & weight
  • Age-related changes are not aesthetically pleasing
  • Areolae are too puffy, prominent, asymmetric or unbalanced

If you answered yes to one or more of these concerns, you could be an ideal candidate for Dr. Rudderman’s Areolar reduction surgery. Good candidates should be in otherwise good health, with no history of breast disease and untreated illness or medical condition that can impair normal healing.


First, a careful evaluation is performed to understand the current condition. This is to understand if the areolas have always seemed too large for your breast, have they been large since puberty, and have changes occurred with age, weight change, and conditions such as pregnancy or hormonal changes including menopause. In men, areolas may become large with puberty, and commonly may look too large after substantial weight loss.

Surgery typically involves an incision around the margin of the areola removing a “doughnut” shaped segment of tissue and closure with sutures. In some cases the operation can be done under local anesthesia, meaning you can drive yourself to the surgery, have a “novocaine” type solution injected, have the operation, and drive home returning to work the next day.

If anesthesia is used, return to work the following day is still likely. Return to exercise is usually 3 weeks, and swimming at the beach soon thereafter. Risks of surgery are very low. There is a low probability of sensation loss or change, and no known impact on the ability to produce breast milk when pregnant. Probability of the need for additional surgery in the future for additional reduction is unlikely.


Dr. Rudderman believes the consultation is critical for you and him. The consultation includes the following: a thorough education of your condition, your options, desires, realistic expectations, and a personalized treatment plan. All of your questions will be answered and your concerns addressed. Dr. Rudderman has done hundreds of breast surgeries and can project your likely outcomes. From the consultation evolves…trust, respect, mutual understanding, and a personalized treatment plan.

These treatments are not an emergency, and plenty of time will be allowed to have a full conversation to consider options. Additional visits can be provided until you feel confident that you are making the best decision for yourself in health, safety, and outcome.

Dr. Rudderman has done hundreds of breast surgeries and can project your likely outcomes. From the consultation evolves…trust, respect, mutual understanding, and a personalized treatment plan.

After your first consultation with Dr. Rudderman, you will realize that there truly is a difference in how surgeons approach their profession. For Dr. Rudderman…that difference means understanding your goals AND providing a level of service that places safety & comfort alongside predictable and pleasing outcomes.

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This article was written by Dr. Randy Rudderman, who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (1994). He practices medicine at his offices in Alpharetta and Atlanta.
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  • Dr. Rudderman and his staff made the experience easy and comfortable. They were realistic communicating surgery expectations, expected pain levels and down time from work. Nurses were informative and friendly and wait times minimal. I also liked the fact that Dr. Rudderman does all his own work and doesn't let other less experienced people do parts of the surgery the way other doctors may. I'm only one week out of the surgery, but I am very satisfied with the results so far.

    Susan Parker | Atlanta, GA


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