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Genetics & Lifestyle

Asymmetry of the breast is best defined as noticeable differences in breast size, breast shape, imbalance between the breasts, nipple/areola size and a height, variation in inframammary creases and overall contour of the breast. The larger the breast (more volume), the greater often are the differences. Breast asymmetry may be related to genetics and may have developed during puberty or due to life events such as: normal aging and hormonal changes, pregnancy and breast feeding, weight changes, accident or injury causing trauma to the breast, or diseases like scoliosis of the spine. Breast asymmetry causes challenges such as finding bras that fit comfortably, looking good in your clothing, being able to participate in sports or to workout in a gym without embarrassment. Dr. Rudderman is specialized in many surgeries of the breast and can perform the artistically demanding and rewarding surgeries that correct these problems.

Regardless of the causes…breast changes are unpredictable, unavoidable, bothersome, embarrassing & problematic.

Dr. Rudderman is one of Atlanta’s surgeons of choice. He is specialized in many complicated problems of the breast & he employs delicate, advanced techniques to achieve the most natural looking results possible.

Benefits of Breast Asymmetry Surgery

  • Breast Asymmetry surgery creates or restores balance
  • Breast Asymmetry surgery rejuvenates breast shape & contour
  • Breast Asymmetry surgery re-contours the breast after pregnancy
  • Breast Asymmetry surgery elevates & repositions the breast
  • Breast Asymmetry surgery improves nipple/areolar size, shape, position & balance
  • Breast Asymmetry surgery restores a more youthful, balanced & pleasing appearance to the breast(s) after random life events
  • Dr. Rudderman has years of experience & success with Breast Asymmetry surgeries

Good Candidates for Breast Asymmetry Surgery

Do you have any of the following concerns?

  • Noticeably uneven breasts
  • One or both breasts are shaped differently
  • Nipple on one or both breasts are higher or lower
  • Areolar(s) are misshapen & un-proportioned with the breast
  • One or both breasts need more upper breast fullness
  • Breast tissue sags low or at the bottom of the breast
  • Bras fit poorly & are uncomfortable (one or both breasts)
  • Inserts are needed to feel comfortable in clothes
  • You feel conspicuous in workout, sports or swim wear
  • Breasts have changed in shape, size, contour over time
  • Random life events have caused undesirable breast changes:
    Pregnancy, weight change, aging/hormone changes, trauma, illness

Regardless of your reasons, if you answered yes to one or more of these concerns, you could be an ideal candidate for Dr. Rudderman’s Breast Asymmetry surgery. Good candidates should be in otherwise good health, without history of untreated breast disease or untreated illness or medical condition that can impair normal healing.

Breast Asymmetry Consultation

Dr. Rudderman believes the consultation is critical for you and him. The consultation includes the following. From the consultation evolves…trust, respect, mutual understanding and a personalized treatment plan. During your consultation he will assess your anatomy, tissue and skin characteristics, breast volume, breast history, your desires for now and long range, your options…and he will create a personalized treatment plan that can be performed in a safe predictable way. Many times, your may require treatment for one breast that will differ from the other.

After your first consultation with Dr. Rudderman, you will realize that there truly is a difference in how surgeons approach their profession. For Dr. Rudderman…that difference means understanding your desires & goals & providing a level of service that places safety & comfort alongside predictable & pleasing outcomes.

Breast Asymmetry Surgery/Procedures

Each woman’s situation is unique. The goal of corrective breast surgery is to create two breasts that match each other as closely as possible in both size and shape. This may involve augmenting one breast and lifting or reducing the other. Precision planning and skillful surgical execution are required

Breast Augmentation

Involves increasing the breast size and could involve an implant or use of your own natural tissue.

Breast Reduction

Means “subtraction” of breast volume…reducing it in size to create symmetry and balance..

Lifting & Tightening

Involves lifting the breast to a higher position and tightening muscles.

Nipple / Areolar Adjustment / Movement

Can dramatically affect the way your bra fits and functions, and how your breast look . (Nipple/Areolar Reduction)


Surveys show that following corrective breast surgery, women have a greater sense of physical balance, greater self-confidence & self esteem, & in improved body image.

Breast Asymmetry Surgery FAQ’s

Will I need someone to take care of me after my Breast Asymmetry surgery?

You will need someone to drive you to your surgery, stay there and then drive you home and stay with you for a few hours or a few days. Dr. Rudderman will advise you based on what you had done and especially if you have small children. Your follow-up visit will usually be within 48 hours, and you will need to have someone drive you to this appointment.

Will I have a board certified anesthesiologist for my surgery?

Yes. All cases are supervised a Board Certified medical doctor who has specialized in anesthesiology.

Will insurance pay for Breast Asymmetry surgery?

Some Breast surgeries are medically necessary, others are considered to be cosmetic and generally not covered by insurance. There may be exceptions so you should check directly with your provider for this answer.

Is financing available for Breast Asymmetry Surgery?

Yes. Financing is available today for all the breast procedures Dr. Rudderman performs. Please check in our business office for information about it.

Does Dr. Rudderman perform the entire Breast Asymmetry surgery?

Yes, he performs all of his patient’s surgeries from the first incision to the final closure. Many, if not most, surgeons today use others to assist. Dr. Rudderman believes that you are expecting uncompromised safety and skill.
He understands you have placed your trust and confidence in him…not someone else.

Is Breast Asymmetry Surgery done in an accredited facility?

All of our surgeries are performed in a fully accredited surgery facility using state of the art technologies and a world-class staff.

Will there be any pain with my Breast Asymmetry Surgery?

All surgeries involve some discomfort. Dr. Rudderman is highly skilled and uses advanced techniques and refined instruments that minimize discomfort during and after his surgical procedures.

How long before I can work out after Breast Asymmetry Surgery?

You will need to avoid sexual activity and all rigorous, strenuous activities for 7 – 10 days until healing is complete and Dr. Rudderman tells you it’s ok. This will vary based upon the procedure/or combination of procedures you required.

How long before I can return to work after Breast Asymmetry Surgery?

Dr. Rudderman will be able to tell you. This depends upon the extent of correction needed and how you responded to it. Generally you can return to a desk job in 4-5 days.

  • Dr. Rudderman and his staff made the experience easy and comfortable. They were realistic communicating surgery expectations, expected pain levels and down time from work. Nurses were informative and friendly and wait times minimal. I also liked the fact that Dr. Rudderman does all his own work and doesn't let other less experienced people do parts of the surgery the way other doctors may. I'm only one week out of the surgery, but I am very satisfied with the results so far.

    Susan Parker | Atlanta, GA


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