Breast Reconstruction

Reconstruction of a breast that has been removed due to cancer or other disease is one of the most rewarding surgical procedures available today. New medical techniques and devices have made it possible for surgeons to create a breast that can come close in form and appearance to matching a natural breast. While post-mastectomy breast reconstruction is complicated and demanding, there are many options to consider and decisions to be made, and you and Dr. Rudderman can explore what’s best for you.

Significant Weight Loss

If you have undergone massive weight loss, either from a surgical weight loss procedure or diet and exercise, you may elect for surgical procedures to remove loose skin and excess fat deposits. Tightening the skin in the upper arms, thighs, breasts, abdomen and back through these procedures can allow you to look as good as the weight loss has made you feel.

Post-Injury Reconstruction

Reconstructive surgery on individuals who have suffered trauma or injury is performed both to improve function and to approximate a normal appearance. Although no amount of surgery can achieve “perfection,” modern treatment options allow plastic surgeons to achieve improvements in form and function thought to be difficult a decade ago.

  • Dr. Rudderman and his staff made the experience easy and comfortable. They were realistic communicating surgery expectations, expected pain levels and down time from work. Nurses were informative and friendly and wait times minimal. I also liked the fact that Dr. Rudderman does all his own work and doesn't let other less experienced people do parts of the surgery the way other doctors may. I'm only one week out of the surgery, but I am very satisfied with the results so far.

    Susan Parker | Atlanta, GA


Dr. Rudderman’s unique, integrated approach to plastic surgery employs only safe, effective, predictable surgical techniques that are driven by uncompromising respect for the natural condition of the human form. He understands that the body changes with time – as do desires. His primary goal is to deliver the best possible plastic surgery … specifically matched to each patient…in a safe environment with ultimate respect for every single individual…their concerns and goals. LEARN MORE »

“The best plastic surgery results must give each individual the opportunity to feel comfortable now and in the future…”

Dr. Randy Rudderman

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