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We offer a wide variety of serums for your skin at our medical spa in Midtown Atlanta and Alpharetta. Shop today!

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  • Plated Intense Serum bottle

    Plated Intense Serum


    A highly concentrated serum enriched with growth factors and antioxidants to help your skin diminish the appearance of wrinkles, brown spots, redness, and dullness.

    • Designed for challenging skin needs
    • Lightweight formulation
    • Ideal for all skin types
  • Obagi Retivance Skin Rejuventating Complex Tube

    Obagi SuzanObagiMD Retivance® Skin Rejuvenating Complex


    Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin texture with this skin rejuvenating complex with clinically studied ingredients such as retinaldehyde and antioxidant Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

  • ZO Skin Health Products

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  • ISDIN Melaclear Advanced


    Dark spot corrector. Daily use reduces dark spots for notable results as early as two weeks and remarkable results within 12 weeks.

    • Reduces pronounced dark spots
    • Helps limit the appearance of new spots
    • Leaves skin soft, smooth and luminous

    10 FL Oz

  • Isdinceutics Hyaluronic Concentrate

    Isdinceutics Hyaluronic Concentrate


    Hyaluronic Concentrate is a water-gel serum that treats your skin to deep hydration, providing both a plumping and smoothing effect with a satin finish. Formulated with a multi-layered blend of hyaluronic acids, BioMarine extract, skin-firming peptides and lentil extract.

  • ISDIN Hydralift

    ISDIN Hydralift


    A facial serum that rejuvenates and energizes skin. Hydralift harnesses the power of apple stem cell extract to help promote healthy cell turnover, improving skin firmness, texture and hydration, while softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Triple C Vitamin Therapy Serum Product Image

    Triple C Vitamin Therapy Serum


    Triple C Vitamin Therapy Serum is a revolutionary blend of three different, unique stabilized Vitamin C’s. This novel formula utilizes Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Ascorbyl Glucoside, and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate. These three forms of Vitamin C create a remarkable synergistic combination that remains stable for long periods, offering high antioxidant, collagen-boosting properties without irritation. Penetrates instantly to provide long-lasting benefits of Vitamin C throughout the day.

    Skin Type: Good for all skin types.
    pH: 7.5 – 8
    Size: 1 oz

  • Intense Firming Complex

    Intense Firming Complex


    Intense Firming Complex is an anti-wrinkle serum with superior anti-wrinkle effects that help skin look younger. This product firms and rejuvenates skin’s appearance by providing an immediate, and long-lasting, firming, and tightening response, using the most advanced mega doses of peptides and antioxidants available in the market.

    Skin Type: Good for all skin types.
    pH: 6.5 -7.5
    Size: 1oz

  • Even Out Dark Spot Corrector

    Even Out Dark Spot Corrector


    Even Out Dark Spot Corrector is a revolutionary blend of 12 different skin brighteners. This technologically advanced formula utilizes skin brightening peptides, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid, and antioxidants that work synergistically to help even out skin color for a brighter complexion.

    Skin Type: Good for all skin types.
    pH: 5.0
    Size: 1.7oz

  • Societe Blemish Clarifying Complex

    Blemish Clarifying Complex


    Blemish Clarifying Complex is a unique blend of ingredients designed specifically for problematic skin. This serum targets the key factors that contribute to a variety of challenging skin conditions.

    Skin Type: Good for all skin types, especially oily.
    pH: 2.5 – 3.5
    Size: 2oz

  • Biopelle Tensage Advanced Cream Moisturizer

    Biopelle Tensage Advanced Cream Moisturizer


    This highly emollient formulation is ideal for normal-to-dry or mature skin exhibiting advanced signs of aging & skin damage.

    SCA 6 Biorepair Index
    Size: 1 oz.


    • Extra emolliance helps provide additional hydration for mature skin types
    • Helps skin appear smoother and brighter
    • Helps address advanced signs of aging
  • Biopelle Tensage Soothing Cream Moisturizer

    Biopelle Tensage Soothing Cream Moisturizer


    This non-comedogenic cream is ideal for normal-to-oily skin exhibiting the early signs of aging. Skin irritated by acne medications or following dermatologic procedures can also benefit from its soothing relief.

    SCA 3 Biorepair Index
    Size: 1 oz


    • Helps to hydrate, calm and soothe skin
    • Helps address early signs of aging
    • Non-comedogenic and oil-free for sensitive skin types
  • Tensage Intensive Serum 40 Amp

    Biopelle Tensage Intensive Serum 40


    A high level of growth factor that can help promote post-procedural skin repair and healing. Helps to shorten healing time, optimize procedural outcomes and reduce negative procedural side effects – with visible improvement in as little as 24 hours after application. Tensage 40 ampoules are used extensively to dramatically reduce downtime from procedures like microneedling, lasers and chemical peels. For best results, use one ampoule per day for 7 days, followed by one ampoule weekly for 3 weeks in the evening.

    SCA 40 Biorepair Index
    Size: (10) 1 mL ampoules


    • Helps repair skin following laser and other aesthetic procedures
    • Helps minimize healing time
    • Helps reduce negative procedural side effects
    • Helps optimize procedural outcomes
    • Helps restore elasticity, tone and texture
  • Revox 7 Serum

    Revision Revox 7


    Revox™ 7 is one of the only clinically-proven topical products that helps smooth the appearance of expression lines, this oil-free serum incorporates clinical levels of seven different peptides to reduce the appearance of seven different expression lines around the eyes, forehead, and mouth.

    • Incorporates clinical levels of 7 different peptides
    • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
    • Softens the appearance of 7 types of expression lines:
      • Forehead Lines
      • Glabella Frown Lines
      • Crow’s Feet
      • Bunny Nose Lines
      • Nasolabial Laugh Lines
      • Lip Lines
      • Marionette Lines

    0.5 FL OZ | 15 mL w/pump

  • Hydrating Serum

    Revision Hydrating Serum


    Features two forms of Hyaluronic Acid plus a blend of powerful natural fruit extracts, antioxidants and a peptide leaving skin with a smooth, refreshed appearance. The ultra-light texture absorbs instantly without leaving skin feeling greasy.

    • Provides short- and long-term moisturization
    • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Keeps skin uniformly hydrated.
    • Alleviates tightness and moisturizes without leaving skin feeling sticky
    • Can be used under moisturizer for added hydration

    1 FL OZ | 30 mL w/pump