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Achieve Younger-Looking Skin with the Quanta Light EVO and Suprema Lasers

Dr. Rudderman Medical Spa now offers state-of-the-art, Italian-engineered Cartessa Quanta Light EVO and Suprema Lasers at both our Alpharetta and Midtown locations.

This versatile technology features three unique laser wavelengths, enabling our providers to customize procedures for different skin types with minimal recovery time and fewer treatments needed to achieve incredible results.

If you are looking for healthier-looking skin and a more youthful appearance, treatments with Quanta Light EVO and Suprema Lasers may be for you. This blog post explains the benefits and what to expect from these procedures.

We also invite you to watch this short video with our Licensed Medical Aesthetician and Laser Practitioner, Tonya Grismer. She explains how the lasers work and what you can expect before, during, and after your treatment.

The Importance of Pre-Treatment for Laser Procedures

As Tonya shares in the video above, we encourage pre-treating and pre-conditioning your skin with Medical Grade Skincare before undergoing any laser treatments. The type of pre-conditioning regimen may vary depending on your type of skin.

Get a comprehensive pre-treatment regimen recommendation through a consultation with one of our estheticians to ensure that your laser treatment provides you with optimal results.

This is particularly true with the Elluminate Laser Facial. This facial involves four distinct laser beams, each pass targeting different skin issues. and addresses concerns like:

  • Deep lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Redness
  • Spider veins
  • Enlarged pores

Pre-treating the skin before undergoing laser treatments is crucial for several reasons, all of which contribute to both the effectiveness of the treatment and your safety:

Improving treatment efficacy
Topical retinoids or lightening agents, can prime the skin by speeding up cellular turnover and reducing melanin concentration. Your skin will be more receptive to the treatment and get you the best results possible. This means targeting things like pigmentation, sun damage, scars and wrinkles

Reducing the risk of side effects
Preparing your skin can minimize the risk of adverse reactions post-laser treatment. For instance, if the skin is too tanned or has excessive melanin, lasers that target dark spots might cause hyperpigmentation. Avoiding sun exposure and using sunscreen before treatment can reduce such risks.

For these instances, the 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser is often used because its longer wavelength penetrates deeper and is less absorbed by melanin in the skin, reducing the risk of burns on these skin types.

Enhancing skin healing
Certain pre-treatments help strengthen your skin’s barrier and increase its ability to heal. Hydrating the skin and using specific serums or creams that enhance collagen production can lead to quicker recovery and better results post-laser treatment.

Preventing complications
For people with certain skin types or conditions, pre-treatment with specific products can prevent complications such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. For instance, those with darker skin tones may be advised to use a melanin-inhibiting product before laser procedures to ensure the laser does not trigger unwanted pigment changes.

Ensuring uniform results
Uniformly preparing the skin can lead to more consistent results across the treated area. If parts of the skin are better prepared than others, the laser treatment may produce patchy or uneven outcomes.

The pre-treatment process can vary depending on the type of laser treatment you will receive and the specific needs of your skin. A thorough consultation with one of our licensed aestheticians will result in an optimized pre-treatment regimen.

Rejuvenate Your Skin with our Laser Facials

Laser facials are a popular, non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses light-based technology to rejuvenate the skin. These treatments offer a range of benefits, often with minimal discomfort and no downtime.

Here are some specific benefits of laser facials:

Skin tightening
Laser facials can stimulate collagen production in the dermis, the deeper layer of the skin. Collagen is a protein that provides structure and elasticity. Boosting its production helps tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This process helps to firm up sagging skin, offering a non-surgical approach to a more youthful appearance.

Sun damage reduction
Lasers can target hyperpigmentation, such as spots caused by sun damage. The laser energy breaks down pigment clusters into smaller particles, which are then absorbed and eliminated by the body. This results in a more even skin tone and reduces the overall signs of sun damage.

Reducing inflammation
Treatments with the Quanta Light EVO and Suprema Lasers can help reduce inflammation and promote a more even skin tone by targeting inflamed areas and reducing redness. This can be particularly beneficial for conditions like acne, where inflammation plays a significant role.

Treating capillaries, rosacea, and acne
Lasers are particularly effective in treating skin conditions that involve blood vessels, such as spider veins, rosacea, and some types of acne. The laser light targets and constricts blood vessels just below the skin’s surface without damaging the surrounding tissue, reducing redness and the appearance of the condition.

One of the major advantages of laser facials is their non-invasive nature. Laser treatments can be very precise, targeting only specific areas of the skin without affecting the top layer. This minimizes discomfort and the risk of side effects, such as swelling or significant redness.

Overall, laser facials are a versatile and effective solution for improving skin appearance and health without the need for invasive procedures or extended recovery times.

Laser Treatment Options

Tonya’s favorite—the Elluminate Laser Facial treatment

The Elluminate Laser Facial treatment is a facial procedure that targets multiple layers of skin using the Quanta Light EVO and Suprema Lasers. With one Elluminate Laser Facial treatment, you can start to erase discoloration, reduce redness, and improve fine lines, tone, and texture. You will leave our office with refreshed, radiant, glowing, youthful-looking skin.

Benefits of Elluminate Laser Facial treatment:

Multi-modal approach
The Elluminate Laser Facial treatment often utilizes several laser modalities in one session. This can include lasers for treating pigmentation, fine lines, and vascular issues, as well as technologies aimed at overall skin rejuvenation and tightening.

Comprehensive skin rejuvenation
The treatment is designed to achieve comprehensive results, including improved skin tone and texture, reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminished sun damage and age spots, and a reduction in redness and veins.

One of the reasons we love the Elluminate Laser Facial so much it’s because we can customize the treatment to the specific needs of each patient. The versatility in adjusting wavelengths and settings makes this facial suitable for a wide range of skin types and conditions, ensuring that it can be safely and effectively used on different skin tones and sensitivities.

Minimal downtime
Like many modern laser treatments, the Elluminate Laser Facial is non-invasive and typically involves little to no downtime, allowing you to return to your daily activities shortly after the procedure.

However, as Tonya mentions in the video, if your treatment includes ablative laser resurfacing, you may have a couple of days of downtime as your dry skin slips off. We understand that you may be concerned about your recovery. That’s why we like to pair the Elluminate Laser Facial treatment with the Revision CMT Post-Procedure Cream to significantly reduce your downtime and accelerate healing.

Laser Hair Removal with the Quanta Light EVO and Suprema Lasers

Our Quanta Light EVO and Suprema Lasers are highly effective at hair removal due to their advanced technology and ability to adapt to various skin types. Here’s how they work:

Wavelength technology:
The Quanta Light EVO and Suprema Lasers use specific wavelengths that target the melanin in the hair follicles. When the laser is pulsed over the skin, its light is absorbed by the melanin, converting to heat which damages the follicle. This damage inhibits or delays future hair growth without harming the surrounding tissue.

Different wavelengths for different skin types
Different wavelengths are better suited to different skin types and colors. The Quanta Light EVO and Suprema Lasers typically offer a range of wavelengths, such as 755 nm, 810 nm, and 1064 nm. These options allow for safe and effective treatment across diverse skin types, from light to dark.

Fitzpatrick skin scale
This scale classifies skin types from I to VI based on their color and reaction to sun exposure—from very fair skin, which burns easily, to very dark skin, which seldom burns.

The scale is crucial for laser hair removal because it helps us choose the most effective laser settings and wavelengths to minimize risks and maximize results.

For instance, Type I to III skin types are lighter skin tones that can typically be treated effectively with a variety of wavelengths, but commonly with the 755 nm Alexandrite laser. On the other hand, darker skin types such as Type IV to VI require careful handling to avoid damaging the outer skin. The 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser is often used for these skin types because its longer wavelength penetrates deeper and is less absorbed by melanin in the skin, reducing the risk of burns.

Fitzpatrick Scale Human Skin Color

The Quanta Light EVO and Suprema Lasers flexibility with multiple wavelength options ensures that our licensed aestheticians can tailor hair removal treatments according to the specific needs and safety requirements of each skin type on the Fitzpatrick scale.

Treat Multiple Skin Concerns in One Session

Because the Quanta Light EVO and Suprema Lasers are highly adaptable to different procedures and skin types, you can receive multiple treatments in one session, including:

Facial rejuvenation:
Our Licensed Medical Aestheticians and Laser Practitioners can use a gentler setting to promote collagen production for wrinkle reduction and skin tightening.

Blemish removal:
Adjustments can be made to specifically target and diminish the appearance of age spots, sunspots, or visible capillaries.

Hair removal
By switching to a wavelength optimal for hair reduction, the same device can effectively reduce unwanted hair, even in patients with darker skin tones.

At Dr. Rudderman Medical Spa, we also offer the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photofacial laser hand-piece, which is used to address sun damage and age spots and works to tighten skin. The ability to adjust settings like pulse duration, energy output, and cooling features allows these lasers to treat sensitive areas, minimize discomfort, and tailor the approach to your specific needs.

Throughout your treatment, the customizable parameters of the Quanta Light EVO and Suprema Lasers ensure that your treatments can be safely adapted to fit your exact skin type, minimizing risks of burns, pigmentation changes, or other side effects. In addition, the ability to switch between treatments quickly and effectively without changing devices means a highly efficient visit to our Medical Spa.

See Our Results

Scroll through our gallery of real patient transformations. These before and after photos showcase the amazing results achievable with laser treatments.


Dr. Rudderman Medical Spa offers the state-of-the-art Quanta Light EVO and Suprema Lasers, the latest Italian-engineered technologies at our Alpharetta and Midtown Atlanta locations. These versatile lasers are equipped with three unique wavelengths, allowing for customized procedures tailored to different skin types. With minimal recovery time and the ability to address multiple concerns in one session, this technology is an optimal choice for efficient, safe, and effective skin treatment.

Schedule an appointment today by calling us at 678.566.7200 and take charge of your skin health. We look forward to designing a customized treatment plan to address your specific needs and desires.

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