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Youthful Skin is in Your Future with THERMIsmooth™

What’s the latest anti-aging treatment at Dr.Rudderman plastic surgery and medical spa? It is THERMIsmooth™  face. Now is your chance to get younger, firmer skin in just one hour with no downtime!

THERMIsmooth is a procedure that improves the appearance of aging skin by tightening and increasing collagen production. It uses a unique handpiece to deliver targeted heating to the surface of the skin.

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to have a THERMIsmooth treatment, and I am sharing my experience with all. Eyes are my primary concern, and I always look forward to trying new eye creams, concealers, and treatments. So needless to say Anna, our medical esthetician, performed THERMIsmooth on my eyes.

The first step is to have clean skin with no makeup; Anna cleansed my face with the Clarisonic. Afterward, she applied a cool gel to my upper and lower eye areas.  This gel helps the warm applicator glide across the skin being treated. She treated the upper portion of my eyes which included my eyebrows.

It felt warm like a hot stone massage, very comfortable. I almost fell asleep! Next, she treats the lower eyelid which in some instances, I could feel the heat more than with the upper lids. However, it was tolerable with little discomfort. She repeats the steps on the other eye and voila’ we are done!

After the treatment, around my eyes were pink, but Jane Iredale makeup came to the rescue. Just a little pressed mineral powder and some concealer from the corrective color kit did the trick. The area looked plumper and smoother than before.

Lisa V. even commented that I looked well-rested post-treatment!

Anna recommends four treatments spaced 2-3 weeks apart for optimal results. Schedule your complimentary consultation with Tonya or Anna to see if you are a good candidate for THERMIsmooth.

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