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Buccal Fat Reduction: Slimming Your Cheeks

Have you ever been concerned about having “chubby cheeks” that make you look heavier than you actually are? Buccal fat reduction might be the solution you’re looking for. Let’s explore what this procedure is all about.

Understanding Buccal Fat

The buccal fat pad is a natural fat compartment located beneath your cheekbones. While most infants and young children have prominent buccal fat pads, they tend to remain relatively unchanged as you grow into adulthood. For some, this can lead to a round or chubby facial appearance that may not align with their desired look.

How Buccal Fat Affects Your Appearance

Excess buccal fat can alter the balance and silhouette of your midface. It might cause your cheekbones to seem less prominent, while your lower cheeks become enlarged, creating the appearance of jowls. Even if you’re fit and have a normal BMI, these chubby cheeks can make you look overweight.

The Buccal Fat Reduction Procedure

Buccal fat reduction is a surgical procedure that targets the excess fat in your lower cheeks. It can be a standalone procedure to enhance your midface contours or combined with other treatments to rejuvenate your overall appearance. A common combination procedure is buccal fat reduction, submental liposuction, and a chin implant.

The surgery is minimally invasive, with no visible scars, as the incision is made inside your cheek. Approximately the size of a walnut-sized amount of fat is carefully removed. The incision is closed with dissolvable sutures. You can choose to have this procedure under local anesthesia, sedation, or general anesthesia, depending on your preference and any additional treatments planned.

Recovery and Results

After the surgery, you can expect some swelling, similar to what you might experience after wisdom teeth removal. The swelling usually subsides within two weeks, and you’ll start to see the final results after a few months. Most patients can resume normal activities after just a day or two. Because the fat is surgically removed, the results are permanent.

Is Buccal Fat Removal Right for You?

Buccal fat removal is an ideal option for those seeking a slimmer, more defined lower face. Unlike liposuction, which doesn’t work on this deep fat pad, buccal fat removal specifically targets this area. Additionally, this procedure doesn’t risk damaging important nerves in the area.

Sometimes, the appearance of a wide lower cheek can also be due to masseter muscle hypertrophy, which requires a different treatment approach.

If you’ve been considering dermal filler injections to enhance cheek contours, buccal fat removal might offer a more permanent solution without the need for repeated treatments.

Consult Dr. Rosa B. Lipin

If you’re bothered by “chipmunk cheeks,” a lack of cheek contour, or feel that your face looks heavier than it should, reach out to Dr. Rosa B. Lipin, a fellowship-trained Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and board-certified Otolaryngologist-Head & Neck Surgeon at Dr. Randy Rudderman Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa for a consultation. Discover how buccal fat reduction can help you achieve your desired facial appearance.

To request a consultation with Dr. Lipin in our Midtown Atlanta office contact us at 678.566.7200.

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