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A Patient’s Breast Augmentation Journey with Dr. Rudderman

Breast augmentation, one of the most popular cosmetic procedures globally, resonates with many women for a variety of deeply personal and diverse reasons. For some, it’s about enhancing self-confidence and body image, feeling more comfortable in their skin, or achieving a body they’ve always envisioned. Others may seek restoration of their pre-pregnancy shape or symmetry after medical conditions such as breast cancer.

For D’lynne, it was something she always said she would never do. For decades, despite her frustration with her body, she was adamant that breast augmentation was not for her. But when she came upon Dr. Rudderman’s practice as a result of a work assignment, her mind slowly started to change.

She decided to meet with Dr. Rudderman and his staff for a consultation, and suddenly she found herself on the other side of her own argument. 

“The day came when I could no longer think of a reason not to do it. I felt good about my reasoning, and I felt great about my surgeon” said D’lynne

This blog post tells the story of D’lynne, a woman who underwent breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Rudderman. D’lynne’s journey is a powerful reminder that this procedure can be much more than cosmetic. You can also Watch D’lynne share her story in the video below.

Feeling “Out of Proportion”

D’lynne’s experience in adolescence was not entirely uncommon. Girls frequently face teasing and bullying as their bodies undergo changes, developing at different rates and in various ways. For D’lynne, it was a period that felt particularly awful and that haunted her long into adulthood.

“In addition to being a nerdy, awkward kid, I was constantly taunted about being flat chested, which included boys writing mean poems about me and reading them on the school bus, loudly, so everyone could hear. The popular girls who teased me would make it impossible for me to change in the locker room during our physical education classes. I ultimately found a way to skip those classes altogether, for an entire year, just to avoid it.”

Decades later, even as a very confident adult, D’lynne couldn’t pass by a mirror without being bothered by her appearance. Clothing only seemed to accentuate her small chest, and she felt like her body was out proportion with itself.

“I think lots of women look incredible without having any kind of bust at all. But I am otherwise curvy, with big hips, and I just felt like my chest didn’t fit the rest of my body. Then, in my thirties, I had two babies and I nursed them both. As a result, I had B-cups. It was fabulous. My breasts were still small, but they felt appropriate to my body. After I was done nursing, my breasts completely disappeared, and they were smaller than ever before. I know this is common, but it was frustrating.”

Still, breast augmentation was something D’lynne had always said she wasn’t interested in pursuing. Perhaps because she felt like having surgery would be letting all those childhood bullies win.

“I had spent so many years defending myself and building up my own confidence, that getting implants felt like some sort of defeatist mentality. Until one day, it didn’t.”

Making the Decision to Have Breast Implant Surgery

As a writer for a living, D’lynne’s career includes creating content in the healthcare space. A recent assignment related to plastic surgery resulted in a deep dive into procedures to correct conditions such as congenital breast asymmetry and tubular breasts. Her research ultimately led her to Dr. Rudderman’s practice.

“Dr. Rudderman was not the stereotypical plastic surgeon I had in mind, and his clientele appeared very diverse. It included women seeking corrective surgeries as well as moms and athletes who wanted to enhance their shape without letting their shape define who they are. Suddenly I was down the rabbit hole, reading everything I could about breast augmentation.”

D’lynne decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rudderman. She anticipated leaving her appointment more informed, but never expected to schedule a surgery. 

“I practically dared myself to go. But the conversation was so informative and reassuring and straightforward, I had to stop and ask myself — why not? Why wouldn’t I do this for myself? And then I got ahold of the before and afters. And that was that.”

D’lynne is referring to the book of before and after breast implant surgery photos of patients we keep in our office. In this album, she saw dozens of women who resembled her own physique before their surgeries.  

“I couldn’t believe how many chests were my chest. Page after page. And then, most importantly, how natural and tasteful their post-surgery results were. A range of sizes, all which looked uniquely perfect on their bodies. I honestly couldn’t believe it.”

The pictures matched the impression she had drawn of Dr. Rudderman’s approach and his expertise. The bodies she saw in the book not only looked beautiful, they looked natural. There was no sign of surgery. These did not look like the “fake boobs” she had imagined. Immediately after she closed the book, she booked her next appointment. And within a few weeks, her surgery was scheduled.

D’lynne’s Breast Augmentation Procedure and Recovery

Of course, as the days led up to the surgery, D’lynne’s mind raced. Would the recovery go smoothly? Would her breasts be too big? Would she hate them? Would she be able to get back to her normal life of running and doing yoga and hugging her kids?

“I won’t lie, I was nervous. But I trusted Dr. Rudderman immensely. I knew he was listening to me. I wanted B-cups, nothing more. I wasn’t trying to be noticeably different to anyone but myself. And I knew he appreciated why I was there and what I wanted to accomplish.” 

On the day of the surgery, the team that attended to her reassured her that she had made a great decision to do this for herself and especially for choosing Dr. Rudderman. 

“And then … I woke up! And it was done.” 

D’lynne said the recovery was exactly as it was described to her. She woke up with a small dressing over the treated area and in a surgical bra. There was some discomfort, but it was easily suppressed by a couple days of pain medication. The sutures were absorbable and went away on their own. Almost immediately she was back at her desk, typing away.

“Dr. Rudderman called to check on me and make sure I was taking it easy. He could tell I’m a rule breaker, and of course I wanted to run around and do stuff I wasn’t supposed to do. But he assured me that if I took it slow and followed the protocol, the recovery would be quick and that the results would be immaculate. And he was right.”

She was amazed as the swelling minimized and her new breasts took their final shape. But what fascinated her most, she said, was the lack of scaring. The incisions left a small mark under each breast at first, but she was instructed to covered them with small pieces of brown paper tape for a couple weeks. 

“Evidently the tactile sensation of the tape on the skin sends a signal to the body to not overproduce scar tissue. The result is that the skin under my breast, where the incisions were, is perfectly smooth. And, after six months, even the red line faded. Now there is literally no sign I had surgery. Not one.”

Life After Breast Augmentation

At the writing of this post, it’s been exactly a year since her surgery, which D’lynne considers a life changing event. 

“I think it’s rare in life when something truly exceeds your expectations. The surgery was smooth, the recovery was easy, the scaring is nonexistent. The shape of my breasts is perfect. You’d never in a million years guess I had implants. And while my augmentation was purposefully subtle, for me to be able to walk by a mirror and not have a single negative thought pop into my head is a really big deal. It’s reversing the effects of decades of negative self-talk.”

D’lynne says she is proud of herself for taking this leap, researching her options, and finding the right surgeon. 

“I chose Dr. Rudderman because he listens to his patients, has incredible skill and experience, and is a world-renown thought leader, but also because of his artistic sensibility. Because let’s face it, you want a great surgeon, but the person making decisions about the shape of your body had better be an artist as well.”

D’lynne’s experience is a reminder that elective procedures like breast augmentation are more than cosmetic. They can help people reclaim confidence and achieve a sense of alignment between their outward appearance and their sense of self. We’re so pleased that Dr. Rudderman and his team are able to deliver this experience for patients like D’lynne.

Considering Breast Surgery?

Dr. Rudderman, a board-certified surgeon with over 38 years of experience believes a thorough consultation is key. He’ll discuss your goals, educate you on options, and create a personalized plan for safety, comfort, and beautiful results. Schedule a consultation today and meet with Dr. Rudderman. Contact us at 678.566.7200 to meet with Dr. Rudderman in our Alpharetta office or Midtown Atlanta office.

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