ISDINCEUTICS Science for Beauty

ISDIN has developed the perfect range of products that can be combined or used individually to help you fight against photo-aging, which is the aging caused by sun exposure. Photo-aging is responsible for 80% of skin aging but can be addressed through preventative and repairing action.

ISDIN products have been designed to fulfill three fundamental objectives:

  • Protect from the sun
  • Repair existing damage
  • Correct the visible signs of aging

The ISDIN Skin Care Product Line

  • Instant Flash  – Immediate lifting effect
  • Flavo-C Ultraglican – Daily antioxidant serum
  • FLAVO-C Melatonin – Night recovery serum
  • Pigment Expert – Pigment correcting serum
  • Night Peel – Exfoliating night peeling
  • A.G.E. Reverse Night – Night repair cream with melatonin
  • A.G.E. Reverse Day – Triple anti-aging action
  • K-Ox Eyes – Bags and dark circles
  • Melaclear and Auriderm – Corrects imperfections
  • Skin Drops – Ultralight makeup with adaptable coverage
  • Isdinceutics Desirial – Innovation in intimate antiaging
  • Isdinceutics B.R.A. Peeling – Rejuvenating and innovative treatment with peeling effect

ISDINCEUTICS prevents and combats skin aging. Active ingredients, including vitamin C, vitamin K oxide and Ultraglicans, are the perfect combination of dermatology and aesthetics, of science and beauty.

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