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Laser Hair Removal: Hair Today Gone Tomorrow!

Laser Hair Removal – A First-Hand Story

Woman-armpit-towelUnwanted hair can be an embarrassing topic, but everyone has it at some point in their life. I have waxed, shaved, and plucked for what seems like forever. Let’s not even mention all the various creams with a strange scent that promise hair removal that is effective and fast. After suffering from razor burns, ingrown hairs, and sensitive skin for way too long, I decided to turn to laser hair removal.

Why Consider Laser Hair Removal?

  • Laser hair removal is quick, safe, and effective to get rid of unwanted hair
  • Lasers precisely target dark, coarse hairs while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged
  • Patients can return to normal daily activities after treatment
  • Patients can anticipate permanent hair reduction after the recommended series of treatments

My personal hair removal journey started almost two months ago. It all started with a dream and a brand new Elos Plus laser.

Anna, our medical esthetician, urged me to try this new technology. She said, “Believe me, you will love this and it is so worth it!” So off I went to Anna’s room to have the treatment.

Laser hair removal is ideal for your legs, face, bikini, underarms, and any area where there is dark unwanted hair. I chose my underarms because I immensely dislike ingrown hairs and razor burns that often occur in this region. An underarm treatment is relatively quick and takes around five minutes, and the process involves a small level of discomfort. I would best describe it as several little zaps to skin.

Several days post-procedure, I noticed the hair wasn’t as thick.  After my second treatment, I noticed the hair was more faint and I could go even longer without shaving. Anna recommended a total of six sessions, and I can’t wait for the final results. I look forward to treating additional areas.

Preparing for Your Appointment?

  • Shave with a brand new clean razor. Shaving helps with locating the follicles.
  • Do not apply deodorant before the appointment
  • No tanning, spray tans, or self-tanners before treatment because of possible hyperpigmentation.
  • Avoid waxing for six weeks prior to laser hair removal

So what are you waiting for? The only thing you have to lose is hair!

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