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Look Younger with These 5 Simple Makeup Tips

Are you stuck in a rut with your current makeup routine? Have you been doing the same thing since college?  What may have worked for you then probably doesn’t still work for you now. Here are some simple makeup tricks to look years younger.


  1. Brows– It’s all about the brows. Today’s young Hollywood starlets Cara Delevinge and Kiera Knightly have gotten brow inspired by classic beauty Brooke Shields.  As you get older, your eyebrows get thinner, or simply from years of over-plucking, they just don’t grow back. There’s a simple fix Jane Iredale’s bitty brow kit. By simply filling in the brows, you get an instant lift and a more youthful appearance. For those who want a longer-lasting fix, Anna (our esthetician) tints and shapes brows for a natural more defined look.
  2. Lips– Unfortunately as we age, we lose the fullness in our lips. A common mistake for mature women is wearing dark lipsticks. Dark lipsticks make your lips look smaller. Instead, choose pink or mauve toned lipsticks. We carry Jane Iredale lip products and one of our favorites is the yummy lip crayon. Adding a layer of gloss will create a plumper look. Dark colors aren’t off limits, but matte and dry formulas should be avoided. These formulas can create a dull, flat look.
  3. Concealer– Dark under-eye circles can add years to one’s appearance. Jane Iredale’s corrective kit eliminates these pesky circles. Covering the darkness creates a lift and puts the focus on your gorgeous eyes.
  4. Eyes– If you are using eyeliner only under your eye, now is the time to stop. Only lining the bottom, will make your eyes appear smaller and will make you look older. Topliner is mandatory, line eyes Jane Iredale’s jelly jar. This formula is waterproof and is easily applied with a brush to top and bottom lash lines.
  5. Foundation– Get color matched periodically, your summer shade typically won’t be the same as your winter shade. Wearing a color that is too light or too dark can be unflattering. Your foundation should blend with your skin.

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