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How to Meet Your New Year’s Resolutions

Falling face-first into anything is never a pleasant experience… except for when it’s the dawn of a New Year. Every January first, ambitions are high, and people everywhere are determined to take on their most challenging goals for twelve full months. Losing weight, saving money, and quitting smoking are among the most popular, and, arguably, the most daunting, resolutions pledged year after year.

While it’s great to set your goals high, studies have shown that establishing smaller goals within shorter time frames can actually lead you to achieve the goals that seem more insurmountable. Why? Because minor successes build confidence.

With Dr. Rudderman’s procedures for facial rejuvenation, you can quickly and painlessly face your New Year’s resolutions with the confidence you need. Be sure to add these simple goals to your list to make 2014 your best and most beautiful year yet.

3. Express Yourself

There are 43 muscles in the face that tell others exactly what mood you are in. As those muscles contract in the same way over time, they can cause wrinkles to form. Botox® and Dysport® work to reduce wrinkles by limiting the ability of your facial muscles to contract. They work best in the forehead area as well as the area between the brows that often falls victim to “frown lines.” You can have even more confidence to express yourself knowing that those pesky wrinkles will be nowhere in sight this year.

If you’d rather not limit movement in your facial muscles, you can reduce wrinkles another way by filling them in! Dr. Rudderman routinely uses Juvederm® at his practice, which works well to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the mouth.

2. Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact is essential to making a great first impression, which can lead to so many other opportunities. Latisse® can be the perfect minor adjustment to lengthen the eyelashes and increase confidence overall. Treatment is painless, and you can expect twice as much eyelash fullness after just 16 weeks.

If you are experiencing sagging skin on your upper eyelids or bags beneath your eyes, an upper or lower eyelid lift can give you the more alert appearance you need each day. An eyelid lift can also minimize wrinkles around the eyes and can even make it easier for you to see.

1. Be Confident in Your Own Skin

If uneven skin texture, sun damage, unwanted hair, or acne scars are squelching your confidence, Dr. Rudderman offers laser treatments that will meet those needs. Laser treatments are fast, safe, and require no downtime, which makes this yet another goal that is more simple than ever to achieve.

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