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Getting Back That Hourglass Figure With Liposuction

The hourglass has served as the epitome of the most desired female body shape for quite some time. Large breasts, a small waist, and a plump – but not too plump – rear end are the features many women long for. Those who are lucky enough to inherit these perfect curves in their youth often lose that shape as the years go by – unlike an hourglass, which remains the same as the sands of time pass through.

There once existed a stigma that getting liposuction was just an easy way to get a body that you haven’t bothered to work for in the gym. While some naturally thin women do get liposuction for this reason, the majority undergo this procedure because the passing of time has literally changed their body shape. Fat that used to be in all the right places has now traveled to the lower stomach, inner thighs, beneath the arms, and under the chin. Over time, pregnancy and hormone fluctuations influence where our bodies accumulate fat, and it is often impossible to get rid of those stubborn pouches and flabby areas even with the most rigorous exercise routines and diets. Liposuction is the perfect procedure for these types of women. Contrary to what many believe, it is not a procedure for weight loss, but a procedure that sculpts the body into that desired hourglass shape.

Liposuction is usually performed under general anesthesia and can address many areas of the body, so the length of the procedure and the length of recovery time will depend on the size and number of areas to be addressed. To get that firm, hourglass figure, liposuction can be performed on the abdomen and flank areas to taper the waist, which will make the breasts and rear end appear fuller. Even a slight decrease in inches from these areas will give the illusion of an overall balanced appearance. Scars from the incisions will be very small – about an inch in length – and will become significantly less visible with time.

Is liposuction Right For Me?

For some patients, liposuction may not be the best option. Patients who have excessive amounts of loose or stretched skin will not get the best results with liposuction because the procedure does not involve excision. In fact, liposuction can further “deflate” the appearance of someone who has excess skin. Such patients have typically either lost a major amount of weight, or they have poor skin laxity due to genetics or age. In either case, body contouring procedures like the tummy tuck will be a better option.

If, for any reason, the patient would rather not undergo liposuction, breast augmentation is an alternative that can also balance out the body and help provide that hourglass shape. Many women experience increased confidence, a restored sense of femininity, and improved quality of life as a result of this procedure.

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