Sublative Rejuvenation: Your Skin’s Solution

By Dr. Randy Rudderman
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that girlReverse Acne Scarring and Sun Damage with Sublative Rejuvenation

Most people have their fair share of skin woes and seek solutions to their concerns. Sublative rejuvenation addresses so many different skin issues and paves the way for perfect skin. This state of the art technology is new to Dr.Rudderman’s office, and patients are eager to reap the rewards.  Fall is just around the corner, and this is the best time to schedule treatments. Remember the holidays are shortly approaching!

You made it past the teenage years with dreaded acne, but you still have the scars to prove it. As if yearbook photos weren’t memories enough.  Sublative rejuvenation is a radiofrequency (RF) treatment proven effective in treating acne scarring.  No more hiding your skin under heavy foundations and powders.  Sublative rejuvenation offers optimal results with minimal downtime. Patients can expect redness and puffiness for the first 48 hours. Little grids appear on the skin post treatment, but they diminish over the next ten days. Our medical esthetician, Anna says, “I love this new technology. Patients feel insecure about their acne scars. Sublative restores their confidence by greatly improving their skin.”

So maybe acne was never a concern, but you loved to bask in the summer sun year after year. Soaking up the sun’s rays speeds up the aging of your skin.  Now is the time to reverse the lines of time.  Sublative rejuvenation is a safe, affordable way to a more youthful appearance. Mild to moderate wrinkles and superficial imperfections of your skin’s tone and texture are improved. Visible results can be seen in one treatment, but a series of three treatments are recommended for an optimal outcome. Our esthetician’s advice is to limit sun exposure, and sunscreen should be worn at all times.

Call to schedule your consultation today to see if you a good candidate for sublative rejuvenation. Don’t forget to enroll in our loyalty program Flok which gives you a punch for every treatment. Three punches will equal 25% off skincare including Biopelle products which complement sublative nicely.



Dr. Randy Rudderman

Dr. Randy Rudderman

Since 1989, Dr. Randy Rudderman has been in private Plastic Surgery practice in Atlanta, focusing on the full range of aesthetic procedures – eyelid surgery, breast augmentation and breast lifts, liposuction, abdominoplasty, facelifts and facial reconstruction, among others. He also has a distinguished career in the reconstructive surgery arena, including facial and breast reconstruction. He has worked as a key member of teams from several prestigious organizations – including the AO-ASIF (Association for the Study of Internal Fixation) Foundation in Davos, Switzerland, and has conducted research at Case Western Reserve University Medical Centers, CWRU Engineering School, and NASA – producing breakthroughs in joining the science of facial biomechanics and reconstructive Plastic Surgery with rapidly evolving technological innovations.

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