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Get a Balanced Bust with Breast Asymmetry Surgery!

woman in sports brasBreast symmetry of the face and body is one of the essentials of beauty. Minor breast asymmetry is quite common, but some women have very noticeable asymmetry. These women often have one breast that is significantly larger than the other by a cup size or more.

As if finding a comfortable, proper-fitting bra wasn’t a daunting task already, women with breast asymmetry don’t have many options. Frequently women base their bra size off the smaller breast which often results in discomfort and squeezing of the larger breast. As if that wasn’t enough, the constant reminder of imperfection is more apparent when wearing a swimsuit or workout clothing.

If you are ready to live life with restored confidence, breast asymmetry surgery may be an option for you!

Benefits of Breast Asymmetry Surgery

  • This surgery can restore shape and balance to the breasts
  • Bras and clothing look and fit better
  • Breast Asymmetry surgery improves nipple/areolar size, shape, position & balance
  • Patients feel more confident in their intimate relationships

Surgical Options

I’ve helped countless women achieve a balanced bust while employing safe, effective, and predictable techniques. Each woman is unique, and I develop an individualized plan to achieve your desired results. The goal of breast asymmetry surgery is to create two breasts that match each other as close as possible in both size and shape.

Some of the techniques I use are:

  • Breast Augmentation: involves enlarging the breast size with an implant
  • Breast Reduction: involves reducing the larger breast to the size of the smaller breast
  • Lifting & Tightening: Lifts the breast to a higher position and tightens muscles
  • Nipple and Areolar Adjustment:  can affect how your breasts look and the fit of your bra

Experience matters when choosing a plastic surgeon.

If you are tired of living with breasts that lack symmetry, give us a call to schedule your consultation.

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