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Breast Lift Surgery: Don’t Let Saggy Breasts Keep You Down!

Are saggy breasts keeping you down?  Are your breasts not as perky as they were in your 20’s? Many women struggle with breast ptosis (sagging) and are seeking solutions. Aging may cause your breasts to lose volume, start to sag, or lose their shape and fullness. Even though you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, unfortunately, your breasts may still sag due to aging. Perhaps your breasts have experienced these types of changes due to excess weight loss or breastfeeding.

Whatever your reason for surgery, patients choose Dr.Rudderman for his expertise, artistic skills, and safe approach to plastic surgery.

Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery

There are multiple physical benefits associated with a breast lift, and your plastic surgeon can alter the appearance of your breasts based on your cosmetic goals.   If your breasts have become saggy due to excess weight gain and weight loss, Dr.Rudderman employs techniques that can elevate tissue and restore the breasts to a more youthful position.

breast lift surgery before and after photo

A breast lift can improve breasts that lack symmetry and give them a more even appearance. Large areolas can be resized for a more proportional look. Breast lift surgery can also be beneficial for women with tubular breasts.

Some women admit saggy breasts make them feel older and less attractive. Your appearance has a direct impact on your self-esteem and self-confidence.

A push-up bra is a great temporary fix, but putting on a nightgown can be a constant reminder of the sagginess.  Keep in mind that a breast lift will only change the look of the breasts, not the whole body. However, if the results of a breast lift make you feel happier and sexier, positive lifestyle habits may develop as a result.

If you’re also interested in enhancing the size of your breasts, you may also want to consider having breast augmentation. Some women choose both procedures to help them achieve their ideal look.

At the time of your consultation,  Dr.Rudderman can determine the possibility of combining a breast lift with breast augmentation.  You are only a phone call away from beautiful lifted breasts!

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