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Breast Surgery Advice from Dr. Randy Rudderman MD, FACS

We love our breasts, but as we get older they change.  If you are thinking about surgery here are three realistic options for improving the look and feel of your breasts.

A Good Fitting Bra

A good bra is the foundation for a good-looking chest. Most of us think that if a bra feels comfortable and gives some support, then it’s a good fit. Jessica Pfister, director at Le Mystère, says, “The right bra can make your breasts look dramatically different, giving you amazing support and comfort.”

It’s a good idea to get fitted every year but if you experience ‘double-bubble’ breasts, digging straps and/or sagging breasts, now is as good a time as ever. “Once you’re in a bra that lifts properly or gives the shape or size you’ve always wanted, the importance of a good bra is instantly recognized,” says Pfister.

Bottom line: Bras don’t give long-term improvement. They also don’t last forever, as they lose their shape from regular washing and wearing. Make sure to replace them as needed.

Breast Lift Surgery

It’s a fact of life that the breasts sag to some degree and even though a good lifting bra can help in the interim, the minute you take it off, you’re back to your starting point. Blame age, weight fluctuations and changes to the breasts from pregnancy as multiple culprits.

Saggy skin in the breasts is normal, and when the breasts begin to atrophy, they become deflated and flat and sometimes look smaller since the volume in the upper part of the breast is lost.

Truly saggy breasts not only droop but the nipple sits below the crease under the breast. To provide the best shape, a lift is required.  Before undergoing a breast lift, make sure you’re at a stable weight and are finished with having children since both can affect your long-lasting results.

Also, advises Dr. Randy Rudderman M.D. FACS, “Be sure your surgeon is Board Certified and always review the surgeon’s breast lift before and after photographs.  Have realistic expectations and good communication with your surgeon and you should be very happy with your results.”

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breasts are like fingerprints—they’re unique from one person to the next. The size and shape that looks good on your friend may not be compatible with your body, which is why skin elasticity, natural breast size, and shape need to be taken into consideration.

Breast augmentation with implants is the gold standard for getting better-looking breasts because size, shape, and profile can all be addressed. If you aren’t happy with the size or fullness of your breasts, consider breast surgery.

Implants, silicone or saline, offer a permanent fix for larger, fuller, more proportionate breasts. Your plastic surgeon may recommend a lift too if there’s sagging or loss of volume. Most women want a natural look when considering surgery.

We find our patients want natural-looking results when it comes to breast surgery.  Many women simply want to feel confident and sexy while wearing a bathing suit or evening wear. Our ideal patients are healthy women with realistic goals in mind.  We can hit realistic breast surgery expectations spot on every time!  Our patients are very happy with their surgery results.

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