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Dr. Rudderman: your choice for Natural Plastic Surgery Results

An oxymoron, we know:  plastic surgery & natural in the same sentence?  How is it possible?  We all see the mummies, I mean mommies, running around town.  Pinched, pulled & injected beyond recognition.  We see the stone faced actress reacting without a wrinkle as her husband gets shot…12 times…. on the big screen.  Why, we ask, would a woman want to completely erase her age, emotion, and God given body dimensions in the name of beauty?  And is this beautiful?

Perhaps for some. But it scares many woman and men, who would like to visit a plastic surgeon, but dare not due to fear of turning out looking like…well… a plastic surgery patient.

So, what are our options?  So many fantastic technological advances in plastic surgery and anesthesia. And so, few good, really good surgeons from whom to choose.

Throughout Georgia and the Southeast, men & woman who would like natural looking plastic surgery choose Dr. Randy Rudderman.

Dr. Rudderman approaches plastic surgery with our natural proportions in mind; he understands we must not disrupt the delicate balance between nature & the human anatomy.

Dr. Rudderman approaches his surroundings in the same balanced manner.  Dr. Rudderman was the first plastic surgeon in North America to build out a LEED (Leadership in Environmental Engineering & Design) certified medical office, and followed that with an office that is not only “healthy” but used over 90% recycled materials.  Dr. Rudderman believes we should not visit a healthcare practitioner whose office is filled with the very toxins that make us sick in the first place.

Dr. Rudderman set and raised the bar. He designed & built a beautifully serene office filled with low VOC paints, locally sourced furniture, solar light switch sensors, recycled steel & dry wall and many, many other healthy choices for his patients.  To build a truly healthy office took more time and a little more money, but his patients reap the results the minute they walk through the doors.

Dr. Rudderman has always been close to nature.  As a boy in Gainesville Florida; his earliest childhood memories are barefoot summers spent sifting through the Crystal River for sharks teeth.  As a banjo-playing undergrad at Vanderbilt University, Dr. Rudderman taught Outward Bound in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

“I’ve always had a deep respect for nature & have watched as we lose more & more ground to development & industry – we can each do our part to help restore balance in our communities and in the world.”

Dr. Rudderman returned to Gainesville to attend Medical School at the University of Florida, where his father attended and was a member of the cheer squad.  “We are Gators, no doubt about it,” he says.

Dr. Rudderman always took a different approach to his career.  While in studying Maxillofacial Surgery in his residency,

Dr. Rudderman became increasingly interested in the evolution of primitive man’s skull.  Later, Dr. Rudderman met & lectured for Donald Johansson, the anthropologist who discovered Lucy.  He continued his research in facial biomechanics through grants at NASA, and as result, Dr. Rudderman developed the only existing mathematical engineering model of the human facial structures. He later received grants from the Defense Advance Research Project Agency to develop devices to assist in space surgery and protect troops on the ground, and subsequently became an Adjunct Professor in Civil Engineering at Case Western Reserve University.

Upon completing training at Case Western Reserve in Plastic Surgery, Dr. Rudderman traveled to Paris to train with Dr. Tessier, a French plastic surgeon who invented modern cranial facial surgery.  He returned often to Davos, Switzerland where he became a faculty member of the AO Foundation, and worked to develop new techniques to treat facial injuries. There he perfected his uncanny ability to classify & fix facial fractures. Because of Dr. Rudderman’s unique perspective & expertise, he was asked to teach other international surgeons classification & fixation techniques in cranial facial fractures. He was the first surgeon in North America in private practice to be appointed as an International Trustee for the AO Foundation in Craniomaxillofacial Surgery.

Throughout his career, Dr. Rudderman never forgot his commitment to the environment.  Dr. Rudderman has served as the Chairman of the Board for Sting’s Rainforest Foundation, holding a major fundraiser at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens where India Ari & Allison Kraus performed.

Today, Dr. Rudderman is the managing partner of a consulting company that orchestrates civil sustainability working with industry, government, and a NGO partner the Rain Forest Alliance in Indonesia.  He and his colleagues, Bob Mullin and Antonius Korniwan; work to create communities where religious, educational, and environmental balance & equality are paramount and central to economical development. They are currently working to restructure programs directed to provide for survival of endangered and threatened species including the orangutan, the white rhino, and the Sumatran tiger.

At home in Atlanta, Dr. Ruddeman lives in Ansley Park with his wife of 17 years, Jennifer & their two children Pierce & Mia.  In Midtown Atlanta they raise bees & chickens as a means to teach their children environmental sustainability & the importance of respecting Mother Nature.  Caring for the bees, chickens & the garden also gives Dr. Rudderman some much-needed down time.

In surgery & in life, Dr. Rudderman respects the God-given balance & proportion of man & nature and understands we must preserve these delicate balances in both surgery & life.

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