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What to Know Before You Purchase Skincare

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Websites such as eBay and deliver fantastic deals at the click of a button. Clothing, electronics, household items, and anything else imaginable can be purchased on these sites, but there are some products you should reconsider.  Although it may seem tempting to save $20 on your favorite moisturizer or serum,  just say no.

Why should I buy my skincare from an authorized retailer?

A product sold through an unauthorized retailer is known as a diversion which is a growing problem in the skincare industry. Companies such as Revision, SkinCeuticals, and Skinmedica are committed to providing safe and effective formulas.

Buying diverted products is risky because there is no guarantee of what you are receiving and whether the product will perform as tested.  Products could be counterfeit, stolen, diluted, old, or even expired. None of these scenarios provide a safe and efficient product regimen.

Where is the safest place to purchase my skincare?

Authentic skincare products can be purchased at an authorized dermatologist, plastic surgeon, medical spa, or other qualified premium skincare professional. When in doubt, skincare websites have a list of authorized retailers.

If coming to the office is not convenient, the staff at Dr.Rudderman’s office would be happy to ship your favorite products. So, the next time you think you are getting a “deal” when purchasing your skincare products sold in “unauthorized” places, think again.

We offer our loyalty program, Flok that offers you savings on products and we also participate in Allergan’s program Brilliant Distinctions. Buy your products from a place you can trust.

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