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Three Factors to Consider Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Rudderman Breast AugThe New Year is here, and now is the time to be the best ever! Visions of summer at the beach in a bikini play through your mind. Your New Year’s resolutions of a healthy diet and exercise have paid off.  Flat abs, toned thighs, and a perfect posterior are all on display, but there’s just one thing…your breasts!

Pregnancy, weight loss, and genetics are all factors that impact the size of your bust.  So if you want to feel confident and sexy in a swimsuit, breast augmentation surgery is an option.

When researching plastic surgeons for your breast augmentation surgery, here are three important things to consider.

Your Plastic Surgeon

When choosing a plastic surgeon, experience matters. Verifying board certification and asking to see breast implant before and after images can help in determining a surgeon’s quality. Other things to consider include the physician’s hospital privileges, the number of breast implant surgeries the surgeon has performed, and the opinions of the surgeon’s previous patients.

I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has performed breast augmentations for over 25 years. I’ve helped women of all ages achieve their aesthetic goals.

Silicone v. Saline Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation patients have their choice of either saline or silicone gel breast implants. Approved by the FDA, the Natrelle® collection includes both silicone gel and saline breast implants in various sizes, textures, profiles, and volumes.  Silicone gel implants tend to more closely resemble a woman’s breast tissue compared to saline implants, but your surgeon can help you decide what option would be best for your goals

 Breast Size

Breast implants aren’t one size fits all. What works for your best friend’s frame may not be what works best for you. Patients use celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Sofia Vergara, and Halle Berry for their breast inspiration. But that is not the right path.

Your body type, genetics, your current and projected lifestyle are all carefully examined and factored into choosing a size. I have many years of experience helping patients chose a size that flatters their body and meets their expectations.

If you are ready for the breasts you have always dreamed of, schedule your consultation today.

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