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Symmastia, Better Known as Uniboob, Can be Corrected

Most women are aware there are surgeries to augment, lift, or reduce their breasts. But what about other breast concerns? Maybe you have been living with symmastia or know someone who has due to a bad plastic surgery experience.

With 25 years of experience as a plastic surgeon, I’ve seen it all and I specialize in breast surgeries. I take great pride in performing every procedure with excellence, no matter how simple or complex.

You may have heard of a uniboob and didn’t know it is a real concern to women. Symmastia (the correct medical terminology) is a condition that is generally caused by over-aggressive implant surgery.

Symmastia occurs when breast implants have shifted and are now positioned so they touch each other to form one breast.  Overly aggressive dissection during surgery, in an attempt to create cleavage in women with a wider gap, is the most common cause of this unwelcome condition.  If too much dissection is performed during implant placement, the muscle can detach allowing the implants to shift toward the midline.  This elevates the skin resulting in the appearance of a connected breast or “loaf of bread.”  This can occur when the implant is placed above or below the pectoral muscle.

Symmastia is more common among women who have had multiple implant surgeries, when implants were not properly sized, or where the where they were positioned too far apart which is a result of tissue and muscle structure being not properly assessed for their body. Anatomy and genetics may also play a role in the development of symmastia.

Symmastia can be a difficult condition to live with on a daily basis. Bras and clothing don’t fit properly and can be uncomfortable. Having the breasts “connected” can cause self-consciousness in intimate situations. Patients who have symmastia surgery desire a normal and natural appearance.

Symmastia surgery involves careful markings before surgery with the patient both in the upright and lying positions. My surgical techniques enable me to repair damaged pockets, tissue, and muscle.  After closing off the space between the two breasts, I then insert the right implants, correctly positioned, to achieve the look you want and deserve.

A recent patient of Dr. Rudderman’s stated:

My uniboob made me feel uncomfortable, and after having this surgery, I actually like what I see.

If you are struggling with symmastia, don’t hesitate to schedule your consultation today.

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