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Breast Lift On My Birthday List

Yes, I want a breast lift. And yes, my 50th birthday is next month!

So what, you say?  Well, I have always vowed not to surgically touch myself or have a breast lift until I turned 50. Well, 50 came fast.  Way faster than I expected!

I am in good shape.  I work out, I lift weights, and I do hot yoga.  Hell, I even started doing Jillian Micheals’ Abs of Steel with my friend Monica.

Well, I do have a life and I don’t work out every day.  I work out 2-3 times a week, if I am lucky.  And regardless of how much I do or do not work out – time and children have taken their toll on my breasts.

Let’s talk breasts.  Breasts? I miss my old breasts.  Pregnancy and breast-feeding at a MMA (that’s Mature Maternal Age for you young moms) killed my perky breasts.  Age and loss of skin elasticity finished the job.  Now, while they are not pointing down, my breasts are certainly not pointing up!

I do have choices and I am turning 50.  A breast lift looks really appealing to me.

The procedure entails cutting a triangular piece out of my breast from the nipple down, with the bottom of the triangle in my breast crease.  It is then stitched closed.  Suddenly what once looked down is starting to look up!

But wait, there’s more!  I can get a breast lift with breast implants, also referred to as a breast augmentation.

Implants gloriously sloped and shaped like a real breast.  Allergan’s Natrelle® “gummy bear implants” are a sight to behold.  Also known as Natrelle 410®, the implants are designed to look like a natural breast.  In the hands of a talented surgeon, they eliminate the “Florida orange in my chest” look!

Aaaah – heaven…

I am smart enough to know, the outcome of any breast surgery depends on a talented Board Certified Surgeon.  It also depends on me, the patient, strictly following all post-surgery instructions given to me by my surgeon.

My alternative right now is a MAJOR push up bra.  A bra I used to wear for formal evening attire has now become my go-to daily bra, I kid you not.  How long can I hold out for breast surgery, only time and my breasts will tell.

But, when I do decide, I will definitely have the surgery performed by Dr.Rudderman, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, who has the highest independent Real Patient ratings in the state of Georgia. He is simply the best breast surgeon in Georgia.

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